Reboot 2023

I sit here, on January 8th, with approximately 178 days until my final work day prior to retirement and I'm trying to sort out my way forward with the multitudes of blogs, podcasts, and YouTube channels I own. Some physically exist, but may need a serious dusting off. Others are still on the "Good Idea" list in Notion. Now it is time to reorganize the good ideas into actionable next steps.

Exasperating the problem of getting started, there are way too many options for blog, podcast, and newsletter platforms; some are free, some start free with graduated payments as you gain users, and some have serious fees from day one. I'm set on my podcast service - Captivate - but continue to weigh the pros and cons of WordPress, Substack, and Ghost for my writing. This blog, if you're reading it right now, is on Ghost as I have a few months remaining on my very expensive first-year subscription. I was sure that I was going to be more attentive to my personal blog and YouTube channel over the last year. Well, here I am again.

I read a lot on SubStack but that seems strictly for writing and podcasts. It does not have the "website" functionality that Ghost and WordPress have. I also write (have written) on Medium and I think I'll keep writing there regardless of whichever other platforms I use for my blogs and such. Since I first signed up with Medium, I have not had a $0 month. Granted, one month was $0.01, but that's still something!

This is a bit of a ramble and will likely get edited or deleted in the near future. More than anything, I am using this as a test post to further learn the functionality of Ghost.

Thanks for bearing with me.

The End. No...The Beginning (again).

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